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Most frequently asked questions:
1. I am an ‘individual’. Can I purchase online on this site?
2. I am a ‘professional’. How do I order online?

Consult the online catalog

Nearly 6,000 references are presented by category.

  • Visitors can browse all the catalog and then go to RMN-Grand Palais’s museum shops or shop online to buy the products.
    Nota Bene :
    Price list displayed on this site does not take into account any promotional offers applied online or in the museum shops.

  • The professionals of course have the same possibility to consult the items.
    If they have a customer account at the RMN-Grand Palais, they can apply to open a user account to the Resellers' area, which will give them more visibility on the immediate availability of stock for the displayed items.

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Search a product

Besides the search by range and by category, you can use the search engine at the top right of the page.

  • You can do a simple search by filling in a keyword or all or part of a reference (2 letters + 6 digits).

  • 'Refine search' allows you to select multiple criteria in the following filters: museums, themes, materials, art movements, artists, languages and prices.

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Site map

The RMN-Grand Palais’s logo in the top left of every page of the website allows you to return to the home page.

The topics at the bottom of every page of the site allow you to find out more about the RMN-Grand Palais us contact, to consult our Standard terms & conditions of sale, the legal and credits site, and various useful links.

Contents of the horizontal menu
Contents sidebar
  • The reference guide allows a better understanding for the classification of our products
  • Once you have clicked on one of the horizontal categorical cartridges menu, you can consult items by sub-category.

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Standards and software consulting

Site Consultation

This site was designed in compliance with web standards defined by the W3C accessibility standards defined by the WAI and the criteria Accessiweb. Rather than proposing specific versions, the site is the same for everyone and takes into account the maximum needs of each type of users.

If you have trouble reading the site, you can increase the text size on the current page (CTRL key + mouse wheel), or in the function menu by clicking on the icons "Increase font " and "Decrease font" (except for IPad, iPhone, Mac, Linux).

Software required
  • Some documents are available in PDF format. For future reference, you can use the free Acrobat Reader. You can download it on [the site of the Adobe] (
  • The viewing of some animations on this site requires installation of Flash Player 10. You can download it on [the Adobe website] (

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Most frequently asked questions

1. I am an ‘individual’. Can I purchase online on this site?

No. Individual persons can buy online at the following address

2. I am a ‘professional’. How do I order online?
  • You're already a customer:
    You will receive an email with login details to your User Account in the Professional Area.
    If you have not received your login, please contact our Customer Service and mention in your email your customer account number (listed at the top of your invoices).

  • You are not a client of the RMN-Grand Palais:
    To place an order, you must first complete an online application form for account creation.
    Once your account created and validated by our services, you will receive by email your login to your User Account in the Resellers Area.

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