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Versailles "Emblems" mug

REF CU300356 EAN 3336728633303


REF CU300357 EAN 3336728633310


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Versailles "Emblems" mug

Mug representing the emblem of the sun lying on a carved wooden door of Venus Salon in the Great apartments at Versailles.

  • Louis XIV chose the sun for his emblem. The sun was Apollo, god of Peace and the Arts; it was also the heavenly body giving life to all things, the embodiment of regularity, which rises and sets each day. Like the Sun God, Louis XIV, the warrior hero, brought peace to his people; he protected the arts and dispensed all the graces. Through the regularity of his work, his public levers and couchers (morning rising and evening retiring ceremonies), he insisted on the resemblance, carved in stone: the decor of Versailles was filled with the depictions and attributes of the god (laurels, lyre, tripod) on all the royal portraits and emblems.
Ø 8 cm ; H. 9,5 cm
Ø 3.1"; H. 3.74"
Versailles - Musée des châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon
Louis XIV, Queens and kings, Architecture
Art movement
17th century
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