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"Lady and the Unicorn - Hearing" Scarf

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 "Lady and the Unicorn - Hearing" Scarf

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"Lady and the Unicorn - Hearing" Scarf

The so-called "Dame à la Licorne" tapestry is a set of 6 pieces. 5 of these pieces illustrate the 5 senses, and the sixth is that of desire. Each is organized in the same way: on a background of "millefleurs", a young woman, richly dressed, poses surrounded by a lion on his right and a unicorn on the left.

The curtain of * Hearing * shows the Lady playing the portable organ, with her servant wielding the bellows. This organ is placed on an oriental carpet, whose pattern has inspired this stole.

30 x 170 cm (11,81" x 66,93")
Jacquard 100% Wool
Original work
Lady and the Unicorn tapestry : The Hearing
End of the fifteenth century - 370 x 290 cm - Wool and silk
Paris - Musée du Moyen Âge - Thermes et Hôtel de Cluny
Art movements
Medieval art, 15th century