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Wide format postcard "Kupka - Newton Disks"

REF IC610587 EAN 3336728702986

 Wide format postcard "Kupka - Newton Disks"

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Wide format postcard "Kupka - Newton Disks"

The title of this work refers to the English physicist of the seventeenth century, Sir Isaac Newton. This scientist discovered that sunlight is composed of the seven colors of the visible spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

The radiant composition of Kupka incorporates circular bands of vibrant colors, including the full range of spectrum as well as white.

Exhibition : Kupka, pionneer of the abstraction;
21th march - 30th jul 2018, Grand Palais

14 x 20 cm (5,51" x 7,87")
Original work
Disques de Newton - 1912
1000,3 x 73,7 cm -Oil on canvas
Philadelphie - The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Abstraction, Forms, Modern, Painting
Art movements
Modern & Contemporary Art, Czech painting, 20th century
František Kupka (1871-1957)