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"Carthage" golden plated ring

REF BA000835 EAN 3336728702191

 Size 56/58

REF BA000832 EAN 3336728702177

 Size 50/53

REF BA000834 EAN 3336728702184

 Size 54/55

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"Carthage" golden plated ring

This ring is inspired by a ring with a swivel bezel, from Carthage.

Carthage (Quart Hadasht, the "new city") was founded in 814 BC by the sister of the king of Tyre, Elissa-Didon. The Phoenicians set up their first colonies in Spain, then along the coast of North Africa and on the Iberian coasts. In the 6th century BCE, taking advantage of the decline of Tyre, Carthage established its hegemony in the western Mediterranean with the support of the Etruscans to thwart the Greek power. It opened there trading posts and settlements.

His prosperity threatened in Rome. This confrontation leads to the three Punic wars that result in the destruction of Carthage in 146 BC. It is called Punic Phoenician civilization implanted in the West which testifies to very strong links with the metropolises of the Levant, but is largely impregnated with influences Libyque, Egyptian and Greek; the production of stelae, terracotta masks and jewels illustrates this contribution.

Golden plate, cabochon of lace agate
Made in
Orignal work:
VIIe - VIe century BC
Gold and agate
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Jewels, Plate, Orient
Gold-plated, Agate
Art movement
Oriental Antiquities