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Pencil "Liberty"

REF CU400789 EAN 3336728700586

 Pencil "Liberty"

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Pencil "Liberty"

"I have undertaken a modern subject, a barricade, and if I have not conquered for the Country, at least I will paint for It", Eugène Delacroix, October 18, 1830

Everything in this picture exalts the momentum of the revolutionary days of July 1830 which overthrew the liberticidal king Charles X to put in his place Louis Philippe, Duke of Orleans: the pyramidal plan of the composition, forming a pedestal littered with corpses to an allegory of the Victory with bare breasts; the Phrygian cap of the young woman - a tribute to the Revolution of 1789 - which drives behind the rebellious crowd; the blue, white, red flag, symbol of struggle, which unfolds like a flame.

L. 18,5 cm (7,28")
Manufacturing country
Original work
Le 28 juillet, la Liberté guidant le peuple (28 juillet 1830) - 1830
260 x 325 cm - Oil on canvas
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Allegory, History, Painting, Historic scenes
Wood, Rubber
Art movements
French paintings, Romanticism, 19th century
Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863)
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