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Miró DVD, "The Inner Fire"

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 Miró DVD, "The Inner Fire"

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Miró DVD, "The Inner Fire"

35 years after his death, Joan Miró is an iconic figure in the world of art: he left a huge and protean work. If the artist is well known for his colorful and bright paintings, he has been a pioneer in all areas of artistic creation. It is this complete artist, with endearing personality that the film makes us discover.

Following in the footsteps of her grandson, Joan Punyet Miró, in charge of administering the artist's heritage, we discover an iconoclastic artist, hardworking, who sets the freedom to create as an absolute necessity. Joan Miró, artist very attached to his native land, but also an artist who until the end of his life has never ceased to renew himself ... At 80, he burns even his last paintings while his work reaches peaks in the art market.

The film gives voice to the artists and craftsmen who worked alongside him: the Catalan ceramist, Josep Lluis Artigas or the theater director, John Baixas, but also the French sculptor Gilbert Clémenti ... Based on rare films showing the artist at work, but also on particular private collections such as that of the photographer Catala Rocca or the filmmaker Pere Portobello, we approach this artist as close as possible. The emotion hugs us as we leave Miró, illuminated by the flame of creation until his last days.


Director-author : Albert Solé is a Franco-Spanish director of documentary films. Born in 1962 in Bucharest, he began his professional carrer as a journalist for the spanish public television. Since 2000, he has made documentaries for television and cinema. In 2009, his documentary film * Bucharestn La memoria perdida*, received the Goya for best documentary. His films have been broadcast and recognized in many countries.

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