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Danaid - Marble patin

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 Danaid - Marble patin

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Danaid - Marble patin

Executed by Rodin around 1885, in connection with the Gate of Hell, the Daniad is curled up on herself, in the characteristic of pain.

In 1889 it was both enlarged and carved in marble and it was then that it received its title inspired by the Greek legend that the fifty daughters of Danaos had been sentenced to fill a bottomless barrel for slaughtering their husbands, the night of their wedding, on the orders of their father.

Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) represents here the despair of one of them who, becoming aware of the absurdity of this task, falls and remains prostrate on the ground. The success of the figure had the effect of inciting Rodin to multiply copies, either in bronze or in marble.

Reproduction in hand-patinated resin
Mold made from an imprint of the original work, exhibited at the Musée Rodin

L. 38 cm (14,96"); W. 23 cm (9,06"); H. 29 cm (11,42")
12 kg (1,89 st)
Original work
Danaid - 1889
36 x 71 x 53 cm - Marble
Paris - Musée Rodin
Greece, Mythology, Nude, Sculpture
Art movements
Realism, 19th century
Auguste Rodin (1840-1917)
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