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The hidden madman of the moon

REF JK197393 EAN 9782711873937


REF JK197393 EAN 9782711873937


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The hidden madman of the moon

Children's comic book

Exhibition at the Galeries nationales du Grand-Palais, from 3 April to 22 July 2019

From their planet, the Martians are looking anxiously at the Moon. Why is it shrinking? The Earth is in danger as, without its satellite, it could disappear. The Earthlings, who can only see one part of the Moon - its illuminated
side - seem unaware of the danger. The Martians decide on a rescue mission. They are relying on the help of de Brageac, who they think is a direct descendant of Cyrano de Bergerac, the famous writer who specialised in trips to the Moon. It is the beginning of a great adventure to save both the Earth and the Moon.

Poetic and full of humour, this story is also a fable critical of the modern world. Interspersed with scientific, artistic and literary references, this tale offers two interpretations combining the wanderings of the adventurers with numerous nods to our cultural classics.


Pierre Fouillet, illustrator and Beaux-Arts graduate, illustrates children's books and comics.
He has illustrated Aventuriers du cubisme [Explorers of Cubism] published by Steinkis and the Dico des mots pour briller en société [Dictionary of Words to Impress your
Friends] published by Hatier.

Christine Beigel, author, studied languages intending to go into translation. But after obtaining her Masters, she took up writing and since then has continued to explore children's literature in all its forms. She is published by Gautier-Languereau: Le Crapaud qui refusait de se lever tôt [The Toad who Refused to Get up Early] and by Syros: Piste noire [Black Track].

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Publication date
27 March 2019
19 × 26 cm

Co-edited with Bloom

Paris - Réunion des musées nationaux- Grand Palais
Comic strip, Children
English, French