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Foul'Art Ribbon

REF CH901025 EAN 3336729106677

 PolyFlowers - red

REF CH901026 EAN 3336729106691

 Roses and Barbels - white

REF CH901027 EAN 3336729106684

 Queen's Brocade - pink

REF CH901028 EAN 3336729106707

 Roses and Pearls - blue

REF CH901029 EAN 3336729106714

 Lola - black

REF CH901030 EAN 3336729106738

 Water Lilies - purple

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Foul'Art Ribbon

Tie FoulArt to your hair, around your head as a hair band, around your neck, to your wrist as a bracelet, around your waist as an elegant belt, or even to your bag. This ribbon scarf brings a touch of art - and style - to your outfit.

PolyFlowers - red : Inspired by a medieval tapestry called "polyflower"

Roses and Barbels - white : Inspired by Marie-Antoinette's furnishing fabric

Queen's Brocade - pink : Inspired by a lampas - a type of luxury fabric with a background weft - that adorned Marie-Antoinette's room in summer. Embroidered on a white background, the lampas features a floral pattern along with ribbons and peacock feathers

Roses and Pearls - blue : Inspired by the famous painting "Portrait of Marie-Antoinette with a rose" by Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun's

Lola - black : Inspired by Manet's famous painting "Lola de Valence"

Water Lilies - purple : Inspired by Monet's famous Water Lilies