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Allegory of a solar mirror - Leonardo da Vinci

REF KM000193 EAN 3336727314494

 Allegory of a solar mirror - Leonardo da Vinci

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Allegory of a solar mirror - Leonardo da Vinci

This engraving is based on Leonardo da Vinci's brown ink drawing, "Allegory to the Solar Mirror" and described as follows: a seated man holds a mirror and directs its fires at a chimera and a unicorn fighting another animal.

The Allegory to the solar mirror can be understood as a struggle between the world of evil, of darkness, personified by the parade of animals fighting between them and that of Truth, personified by the sun, whose rays are reflected on the mirror shield.

Baron Caylus did not engrave this work "upside down" so when printed the meaning of the reading is reversed compared to the original drawing.

Modern proof printed on Jeanjean handmade paper.

Dated, numbered, stamped, sold with a certificate of authenticity

Set of 10 final prints printed in June 2019

Printing technique: etching