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Egypt Plastron Necklace with blue beads

REF BZ400150 EAN 3336729091515

 Egypt Plastron Necklace with blue beads

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Egypt Plastron Necklace with blue beads

This necklace is inspired by a pair of bracelets, composed of gold and lapis lazuli for one and an alternation of rows of cornelian pearls and lapis lazuli for the other, are visible in the Egyptian ornaments room. These testify to the place of the toilet in the life of the wealthy classes of Egyptian society. Similarly, both men and women have a strong taste for jewellery, whether it is modest or expensive.

Brass, Miyuki glass beads

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Dimensions: 50 cm x 5 cm

Paris - Musée du Louvre
Brass, Colored glass beads
Art movement
Egyptian Antiquities