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Egypt Mesh Bracelet

REF BB400334 EAN 3336729091768

 Egypt Mesh Bracelet

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Egypt Mesh Bracelet

In Egypt, during the dynastic periods (3150 - 750 BC), earthenware beads were used as ornaments for the living and the dead, mounted in necklaces or complex meshes.
This line takes up the central motif of this fishnet, the beetle of the god Khepri, surrounded by the pillars of the god Osiris, and the black dogs of Anubis.
For each piece, Miyuki glass beads (small, very regular glass beads) are hand-woven.

Do not bathe, wash / wash dishes with the jewel (avoid contact with water due to metal parts of the jewel)

Dimensions: 16 cm x 0.7 cm

Paris - Musée du Louvre
Colored glass beads
Art movement
Egyptian Antiquities