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"Bonjour Versailles" Pin's

REF BF400310 EAN 3336728739906

 Court shoes

REF BF400311 EAN 3336728739913

 Hot air balloon

REF BF400312 EAN 3336728739920


REF BF400313 EAN 3336728739937

 Play cards

REF BF400314 EAN 3336728740100


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"Bonjour Versailles" Pin's

Marin Montagut, a young illustrator with a refined and colourful graphic design, has developed a poetic and refined universe populated by rare objects: illustrated plates, drawing boards, decorative porcelain... He designed a version of his famous "Bonjour Paris" design for the Château de Versailles, and drew a line reproducing small objects - teapot, dog, shoes, Marie-Antoinette's extravagant hairstyle - in pastel colours whose charm works immediately.