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Susa earrings - Silver

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 Susa earrings - Silver

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Susa earrings - Silver

Louvre Jewellery Collection

Susa is one of the oldest known cities, founded around 4000 BC in the beautiful plain of present-day Khuzistan, at the foot of the Iranian plateau.
The city has been explored since 1897 by a French mission that has found both the masterpieces of Mesopotamian art, brought there as spoils of war, and the testimonies of Elamite civilization.

Susa was included in the land of Elam, including both the plain watered by the Kerkha and Karun rivers, and the plateau to which the Persians gave the name Fars.

At the beginning of the 2nd millennium, its inhabitants were enriched thanks to exchanges with Mesopotamia, and wore gold and especially silver ornaments, discovered in their tombs: headdresses and breast covers for women; earrings and rings with simple shapes and revealing however a great control.

Dimensions :2 x 1,3 cm

Paris - Musée du Louvre
Sterling Silver 925
Art movement
Oriental Antiquities