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External battery 5000 mAh - Starry night

REF CU800462 EAN 3336729106660

 External battery 5000 mAh - Starry night

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External battery 5000 mAh - Starry night

No more anxiety about the battery being discharged on a Smartphone. The pretty Accoo external battery allows you to recharge your mobile phone anywhere, anytime! This trendy, ultra-practical accessory is a clever blend of high tech and design.

Compatible with iPhone and Android, with integrated cable and adapter of your choice, the external battery size M allows you to fully charge your Smartphone twice. The best size/power ratio on the market in a lightweight format.

Its format blends perfectly with the collections designed by our partner artists. Better still, you can also create your own design with the customization module. All this is enhanced by a meticulously controlled four-colour HD printing quality made in France.

Dimensions : 6.8 cm x 10.4 cm

Paris - Musée d'Orsay
Art movement
Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)