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Made to measure: the world's 7 unit

REF EK397150 EAN 9782711871506

 Made to measure: the world's 7 unit

Made to measure: the world's 7 unit

We measure, or are measured, all day long: the speed of our car, our weight, the time that passes, the temperature, our currency, the gigabytes of our computers... All these practical acts are so present that we no longer pay attention to them. Yet we are aware that these daily measurements only make sense if we share the same units, the same ways of measuring. As early as the French Revolution, a coherent system of units and standards was devised and implemented. Still in use, it has never ceased to be clarified, completed and disseminated.
In October 2018, the Musée des arts et métiers will present a temporary exhibition on measurement, designed in collaboration with the Laboratoire national de métrologie et d'essais, for a period of 5 months. From the measurement of man to representations of measurement, including units and standards, the uses of measurement and the act of measuring, the exhibition and the accompanying catalogue will make visitors aware of the constant presence of measurement in our daily lives in its most varied dimensions: technical and scientific, but also artistic, literary and symbolic.

Exhibition at the Musée des arts et métiers from 16 October 2018 to 5 May 2019.

Number of illustrations: 200

Dimensions: 17.2 x 24.6 x 1.1 cm

Book format: Paperback without flap



Paris - Musée des arts et métiers