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Kupka - Showbook

REF GK197107 EAN 9782072781582

 Kupka - Showbook

Kupka - Showbook

French language

The great Franco-Czech painter František Kupka (1871-1957) is considered, alongside Kandinsky, Mondrian, Delaunay, Picabia and Léger, to be one of the pioneers of abstract art.
After his Symbolist beginnings, the following years were marked by works conceived as manifestos of an art in full evolution.
In 1912, Amorpha-Fugue à deux couleurs and Amorpha-Chromatique chaude were the first two completely non-figurative works presented to the Parisian public.
After the Great War, the artist deepened his research, faithful to registers already explored such as the "language of verticals" or by inventing others such as the cosmic and organic worlds characteristic of the Printemps cosmiques or the Contes de pistils et d'étamines.
He develops an unprecedented richness of forms as well as a cycle around the forms of colours.
At the end of the twenties, Kupka's work changes and proposes an exploration of the mechanical world, linked to a new questioning of painting. Coming after this outpouring of syncopated colours and rhythms, the period of the early thirties is marked by a search for balance. His painting took a more austere turn, before he returned to vertical and diagonal planes, associating them in a new way with circular forms or "minuscule planes" at the origin of "Series C".
After the Second World War, Kupka, recognized as a tutelary figure of non-figurative art, deepened or simplified a few motifs that were dear to his heart and introduced a new luminous vibration into his work.
The flattened forms, as well as the less severe, more animated forms. This ultimate work testifies to the artist's ever-vibrant capacity for renewal.

Number of pages: 64

Number of illustrations: 40

Book format: Paperback without flap

March 2018
12.5 × 17.5 × 1.2 cm
Paris - Grand Palais
Art movement
Abstract art
František Kupka (1871-1957)