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Some pretty fabulous fables - Voutch

REF JK297476 EAN 9782749162447

 Some pretty fabulous fables - Voutch

Some pretty fabulous fables - Voutch

French language

"Come on! I'm an illustrator! But La Fontaine's illustrator, that's the detail that changes everything.

La Fontaine is really fabulous. I discovered his fables at school and I wonder if I don't like them even more today. And since I had that freedom, I chose the ones I liked the most, not necessarily the best known ones, from the impressive production (two hundred and forty fables, after all!) of this great man of French literature. I am far from being the first to illustrate La Fontaine: Granville, Gustave Doré, Benjamin Rébier, Samivel (and many others, less well-known...) tried their hand at it long before me. But, from the outset, I understood that there was one mistake to be avoided absolutely: adding humour to humour. Because the author, the big boss, the chief humorist, is him. And certainly not me, for once. And when you are the illustrator of an illustrious person, you put yourself at his service without any bells and whistles. That's how I see it. So I tried to respect the indications given by his texts and if I allowed myself a few fantasies, it was because they seemed to me to be compatible with the general spirit of the fable. I'd like to add that directing these funny little stories was a real pleasure.

Posterity is often debatable, but not when it makes La Fontaine the number one of French poetry: consider that the most recent of these fables was written more than three hundred years ago and that almost all of its morals have become expressions of our everyday language in the meantime. And that, too, is quite fabulous. Hats off, Mr. La Fontaine! »

80 pages / 80 illustrations

Co-publishing Rmn-Grand Palais / Cherche-midi

Book format: PP bound without dust jacket

Paris - Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris - Petit Palais
Art movement
17th century