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Réconciliations. Rome, Henri IV et la France

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 Réconciliations. Rome, Henri IV et la France

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Réconciliations. Rome, Henri IV et la France

When he acceded to the throne of France in 1589, Henri IV was struck with ex-communication by the pope: the monarch was Protestant, and the Catholic majority of the French population did not accept the idea of a heretic sovereign. In 1593, the king went to Saint-Denis to profess his Catholic faith. He was granted absolution two years later by Clement VIII.
What are the diplomatic and artistic consequences of this reconciliation between the Holy See and the Very Christian King?
Henry IV extended his influence to the point of overthrowing al- liances to the detriment of the Spanish party. He strengthened the link between the French crown and the Sovereign Pontiffs, promoting the return of peace in Europe.
These negotiations were represented in works of great importance: the column commemorating the conversion of Henry IV (Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore) and the statue of the king by Nicolas Cordier (Basilica of St. John Lateran) were erected.
By retracing the commissioning and execution of works of graphic art or sculpture related to the relationship between Henry IV and Rome, this catalogue sheds light on a rich artistic production. These works, initiated by a Francophile party active in the clergy and by the Bourbon paganda, respond to various stylistic and interpretative modalities: they wonderfully echo the nuances that animated the landscape of Baroque Rome in the seventeenth century.

19.5 × 25.5 cm
Pau - Musée national du château de Pau
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16th century, 17th century