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Poster "Marc Chagall - The Paradise"

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 Poster "Marc Chagall - The Paradise"

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Poster "Marc Chagall - The Paradise"

Marc Chagall (1887 - 1985)
The Paradise (detail), 1961 - Oil on canvas. H. 198 ; l. 288 cm - Nice, musée national Marc Chagall

Paradise evokes for Chagall the very place of intimacy between all the members of Creation, men, beasts and many hybrid figures live there in harmony in a luxuriance of plants and water underlined by shades of green and blue. The fair distribution of the colored masses balances the composition.

The painting, conceived as a diptych, presents the creation of Eve and temptation.

On the left, above Adam sitting in a suit and raising his arm as if to facilitate access to his rib, God is represented by a white cloud, a sort of mysterious cocoon emphasizing the prodigy of creation, from which emerges an Eve with a modest gesture.

On the right, the primordial couple, embraced to become one, with only two arms and three legs, as Chagall usually represents, is about to share the forbidden fruit, that of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that will make them God's equals.