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Poster "Chagall - Adam And Eve Expelled From Paradise"

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 Poster "Chagall - Adam And Eve Expelled From Paradise"

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Poster "Chagall - Adam And Eve Expelled From Paradise"

Marc Chagall (1887 - 1985)
Adam And Eve Expelled From Paradise (detail), 1958 - Oil on canvas. H. 190,5 ; l. 283,5 cm - Nice, musée national Marc Chagall

The composition, solidly articulated on the horizontal of the river crossing the Garden of Eden and the vertical of the tree of light on the left, is also balanced by the distribution of the colored masses on the green background. Chagall depicts a Paradise overturned by Faute: goat-headed birds take flight, others are upside down, joined by winged fish taken out of the river.
The angel in charge of manifesting divine wrath, at the top in the middle, shows Adam and Eve the way to exile, and they leave the painting from the right, as in all traditional representations of the scene. Taken up by this dynamic and carried by a red rooster, symbol of vitality and fertility, the couple seems rather to fly away towards the future of humanity. The small maternity in the lower right-hand corner confirms this optimistic vision of the Faute.