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Hergé - Exhibition Catalogue - Deluxe edition

REF EK196366 EAN 9782711863662

 Hergé - Exhibition Catalogue - Deluxe edition

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Hergé - Exhibition Catalogue - Deluxe edition

French language

Deluxe edition: high quality, numbered, limited, with a beautiful canvas box and accompanied by a reproduction of a color painting of Tintin in the land of the Soviets.

For the first time, Hergé presented at the Grand Palais!

The book that appears on the occasion of this exhibition event, conceived in collaboration with the Hergé museum, offers a jubilant dive into the work of Tintin's father. It is thus a whole world that we are given to discover in all its richness and diversity.
Georges Rémi, before becoming Hergé, was nourished from a very young age at the film school and discovered the aesthetics of black and white. He also revels in adventure novels, illustrated stories and balloon stories from France and the United States. He discovers a passion for drawing and excels in the art of storytelling.
Self-taught, curious, he will quickly cause a sensation with the illustrations published as a teenager in the Belgian Catholic press.
The publication of Tintin's adventures in Le Petit Vingtième from 1929 is a turning point.
Without realizing it too much, Hergé begins a fabulous career as an author, at the same time draftsman and virtuoso scriptwriter. Without really being aware of it, he creates a style, a line, a school. His fame and success will only grow throughout the twentieth century, in Belgium, Europe and the world.
This limited edition box set will bring together two books in one, allowing the reader to experience a new and interactive reading experience. Following sometimes Hergé, sometimes Tintin, alternating essays, quotations, documents, while reserving the beautiful part to a remarkable illustration, it will know how to awaken the child that slumbers in each of us.
The book allows everyone to learn this strange graphic language where emotions are expressed through onomatopoeia, or to find familiar and colorful characters!
A joyful book that will amaze its readers from 7 to 77 years old, with surprises that are as aesthetic as they are playful.

304 pages / 350 illustrations
Dimensions: 35,5 × 49,5 × 7,8 cm
Publication: September 2016
Publisher: Rmn Grand Palais
Distributor: Flammarion

Paris - Réunion des musées nationaux- Grand Palais
Comic strip
Art movement
Modern & Contemporary Art
Georges Rémi dit Hergé (1907-1983)