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Magnet Aubrey Beardsley - The Peacock Skirt

REF IS201453 EAN 3336729162161

 Magnet Aubrey Beardsley - The Peacock Skirt

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Magnet Aubrey Beardsley - The Peacock Skirt

Aubrey Beardsley (1872-1898)

The Peacock Skirt, in A Portfolio of Aubrey Beardsley's drawings Illustrating Salome by Oscar Wilde, Londres, John Lane, The Bodley Head, 1907 - Line engraving on paper according to a drawing of 1893. H. 34,5 ; l. 27,5 cm - Collection Stephen Calloway © Photo by Marcus J. Leith © Rmn - Grand Palais, Paris 2020

Black and white line block print on Japanese vellum depicting a woman, presumed to be Salome, viewed from the back, in a flowing robe with a dramatic stylised peacock design on the skirt, as well as an elaborate headdress complete with stylised peacock feathers, some of which trail down her back. To her left is a stylised peacock within a decorative dotted, scalloped border, whilst on her right is a male figure, generally assumed to be the Young Syrian, with his left arm partially outstretched, wearing a pleated knee-length robe and a headdress.