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Antonio Lombardo - Venus Anadyomene Small Notebook

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 Antonio Lombardo - Venus Anadyomene Small Notebook

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Antonio Lombardo - Venus Anadyomene Small Notebook

Notebook resuming the sculpture of the Venus Anadyomena made by Antonio Lombardo, exhibited at the Louvre Museum.

Antonio Lombardo (1458-1516)

This relief formed part of a cycle of carvings of mythological figures by Lombardo. The inscription on the base is the last pentameter of a passage in Ovid in which the poet describes a gem incised with the image of Venus rising from the sea "Naked Venus wrings spray from her hair". It was a signal to the learned viewer to recall the full passage to be found in the poet's work the Arts of Love.
It is made by Antonio Lombardo (ca. 1458 - ca. 1516) in Venice in the early 16th century.

Small Notebook 10 x 16 cm / 56 pages. Printed in France in compliance with environmental standards. ©Rmn - Grand Palais, Paris 2020