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Marie-Antoinette Monogram Necklace

REF BZ400168 EAN 3336729157587

 Marie-Antoinette Monogram Necklace

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Marie-Antoinette Monogram Necklace

A monogram, or number, consists of the initial letter of a name, either doubled or followed by the second letter of the name, both interlaced in a single character with or without ornaments. It is used to sign, but is also found on furniture bronzes or any object belonging to the owner of the monogram.
Thus the number M A is notably found at the heart of the textile decoration of the Queen's large bedroom, which she renewed in 1786: the Lyon embroiderer Jean-François Bony surrounded it with his favourite flowers, roses, lilies and cornflower garlands.

For the RmnGP, Les Néréides Paris has designed a floral and gilded pendant inspired by Marie-Antoinette; the Queen's monogram, as airy as an embroidery, is adorned with hand enamelled country flowers, a know-how inherited from high jewellery.

Store the jewel away from light, in its pouch when not in use. Avoid contact with water and damp atmospheres (bathroom), chemical products (cleaners, cosmetics ...). Avoid wearing the jewellery during activities that may cause shocks (sport, washing up, gardening...). In case of oxidation: rub gently with a clean, dry cloth.

Material: Brass, colored resin
Dimensions: 45 x 1.5 x 2 cm

Versailles - Musée des châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon
Marie-Antoinette, Versailles
Gilt brass, Resin