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Arty'Flash Game - Bioviva

REF CJ000103 EAN 3569160005166

 Arty'Flash Game - Bioviva

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Arty'Flash Game - Bioviva

The ambiance game on art that combines speed and observation

Painting, sculpture, photography... Players carefully observe the many works of art and try to see if they correspond to different criteria (e.g. "I am a painting" or "I represent several characters"). Beware, some works have surprises in store for you. You must observe the works carefully so as not to miss any details. On the back of each card, players can find the name of the work, the name of the artist, the date of production, the technique used and the place where the work is exhibited.

How to play?
You have to be the quickest to hit the table when one of the "Work" cards matches the required criteria. The first to find a match can discard his or her used "Work" cards. The objective is to get rid of all your cards before the other players do in order to win the game.

2 levels of difficulty. The rules of the game contain a variation for 1 player.

Contents of the game
65 "Work" cards, 14 "Criterion" cards (including 28 criteria), 5 "Flash" cards (including 10 Flash effects)

From the age of 7. From 1 to 5 players.
Made in France and eco-designed. Playable in French and English.