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Arty'Focus Game - Bioviva

REF CJ000104 EAN 3569160005173

 Arty'Focus Game - Bioviva

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Arty'Focus Game - Bioviva

The cooperative game to help the museum curator take care of the works of art

The works of art in the museum are in danger. The children are trying, all together, to restore them before they are too badly damaged. They have to keep their eyes open to find the details of each work. The game thus develops the children's observation skills.
But beware, time is running out, we must succeed in restoring the damaged works before the intact work suffers the same fate. Parents and children will be able to discover information about the works to better understand them as well as a focus on an original detail of each creation.

How to play?
The aim of the game is to restore all the damaged works before the initially intact work is completely deteriorated. If the dice falls on the "restoration" side, the players place the details in the right place on the damaged works. They have an intact work of art that will be damaged as the rounds progress (the "damaged" side of the dice). There are 2 alternative game rules to play even more games (a lottery, a speed game).

Contents of the game
12 "Œuvre" boards, 72 tiles (6 per oeuvre board), 1 "Sablier" token, 1 dice

From 4 years old. From 1 to 6 players.

Made in France and eco-designed. Playable in French and English.