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Drawing cardboard Leonardo da Vinci - Manuscripts

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 Drawing cardboard Leonardo da Vinci - Manuscripts

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Drawing cardboard Leonardo da Vinci - Manuscripts

This drawing board is illustrated with various notebooks by Leonardo da Vinci kept at the Institut de France.

Description of the notebooks
These twelve notebooks date from about 1487 to 1508. With their varied format and content, they are more scientific and technical than artistic. Some are very small and could fit in the artist's pocket. They contain notes, sketches and drafts of treatises on various subjects, not all of which have yet lost their mystery.

The handwriting of Leonardo da Vinci - who was left-handed - is inverted and can be read from right to left. His language is Italian mixed with Lombard dialect. His spelling is personal and he does not use any punctuation or accentuation.

At the end of the 18th century these notebooks were distinguished by letters, from A to M, which still characterize them.

The Manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci © Institut de France