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Earrings Papyrus in onyx

REF BW400489 EAN 3336729162918

 Earrings Papyrus in onyx

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Earrings Papyrus in onyx

This jewel, which offers a modern interpretation of the papyrus motif, is inspired by amulets and objects with a protective function, in various shapes and materials that can date from different periods. These can be found both in funerary and living ornaments. For their wearers, they are a guarantee of protection, fertility, power or even rebirth.
The papyrus hieroglyph consists of three stems of this plant. Placed on the sign of water: it designates the Delta, i.e. Lower Egypt. The papyrus had a religious function: it was engraved on the temples, and carried in procession, and a symbolic function: it represents rebirth in the ancient Egyptian religion.

Brass gilded with fine gold
Natural stone (onyx)

Keep the jewel away from dust and moisture.
Avoid contact with perfume, chemicals and cosmetics; avoid getting the jewel wet.

2.7 cm x 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Ancient Egypt
Gilt brass, Onyx
Art movement
Egyptian Antiquities