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Etching The beautiful Angèle - Gauguin

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 Etching The beautiful Angèle - Gauguin

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Etching The beautiful Angèle - Gauguin

This print was specially printed for the exhibition Gauguin the Alchemist at the Grand Palais, based on the original copper plate preserved in the Louvre's Chalcography workshop.

The technique used to engrave the matrix of the Belle Angèle is that of etching and chisel.

The pattern is executed in etching water and then enhanced with a chisel. A thin layer of varnish is carefully distributed over the surface of the copper. Once dry, the artist traces his drawing in the varnish, exposing the metal. The drawn plate is immersed in an acid bath that attacks the exposed copper and digs into the drawing.

Once the pattern has been executed, the engraver enhances certain parts of the drawing with a chisel that allows a V-shaped groove to be dug into the plate. The deeper the furrows are, the more black they will be; the grays are made with less pressure. The ink reveals a sharp and precise line on the paper.

50 x 65 cm
Avoid any exposure to direct light and water. Do not fold the sheet.
Paris - Chalcographie du musée du Louvre
Art movement
Paul Gauguin (1848-1903)