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Notepad - Constitutionality block - Constitutional Council

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 Notepad - Constitutionality block - Constitutional Council

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Notepad - Constitutionality block - Constitutional Council

The expression "Constitutionality block" refers to the set of texts and principles of constitutional value that laws must respect.
Located at the top of the hierarchy of norms, the constitutionality block constitutes a legal framework that protects fundamental rights. It serves as the basis for the constitutionality review carried out by the Constitutional Council. It is the Council that has listed the texts that make up the constitutionality block.

Notepad. 72 detachable white sheets, A5 format. Distinction Douceur vellum paper 90g/m2, from the Lana factory, master papermaker since 1590, made from chlorine-free pulp.
Printed in France in compliance with environmental standards.

15 x 21 cm
Paris - Conseil Constitutionnel
Art movement
21st century