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This cast reproduces one of the numerous images decorating the inside of the sarcophagus of Taho. It is an admirable
anthropoid sarcophagus, cut in black basalt, a dark and hard stone.

The outside is decorated with numerous figures and inscriptions relating to the navigation of the sun through the underworld.

It used to hold the body of Taho, son of Renpetneferet, and these names, as well as the style of the portrayals, make it possible to date this object to around the 4th century B.C.
This is one of the finest monuments purchased in Egypt by Champollion in 1827.

The inside of the sarcophagus is decorated with a procession of divinities and funerary spirits associated with the art of mummification, in particular the god Anubis and the four sons of Horus.

These spirits are traditionally linked to the protection of the viscera of the deceased. They can be found on the canopic jars that contain them.

  • Equipped with hanging hook

Reproduction in hand patinated resin

H. 30 L. 20 P. 1,5 cm - 1,7 kg
H. 11.81" W. 7.87" D. 0.59" - 3.75 lbs
Tank cover and funeral Djedhor son of Padimenekhibet and Nefretrenpet
Material of the original
4th or 3rd century B.C., beginning of Ptolemaic period
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Mythology, Egypt
Art movement
Egyptian Antiquities
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