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Eve or the Apple

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 Eve or the Apple

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Eve or the Apple

Paul Roussel won the first Prize of Rome in 1895. He made several sculptures in plaster, marble and bronze both for official commissions, such as the Bust of the Republic and monuments to the dead, as well as small-scale sculptures for art collectors. Eve or the Apple belongs to the second category.

The nude Eve gazes at the apple she has just picked from the Tree of Knowledge, totally devoid of complexes or modesty. As she has not yet tasted the forbidden fruit, she has not broken the divine interdiction or become self-conscious about her nudity.

Far from being the portrayal of a biblical subject, this statue seems to be a pretext for the sensual representation of a nude woman, so popular among many art collectors at the turn of the century.

The naive and disturbing expression of the young woman, with her abundant hair, is part of the profane appeal of this statuette.

Reproduction in hand patinated resin

H. 43 cm (16,93"); W. 12,5 cm (4,92"); D. 12 cm (4,72")
Material of the original
Paris - Musée d'Orsay
Woman, Nude
Art movement
19th century
Paul Roussel (1867-1928)