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Bronze age bracelet

REF BB000218 EAN 3336728537946


REF BB200217 EAN 3336728537922

 Sterling silver

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Bronze age bracelet

This type of bracelet is especially rare, particularly in Brittany. It belongs to a small goldwork production from the end of the Bronze Age; similar pieces have been found in the north of Germany and in treasure troves in Southern England.

At that time, gold jewels were not rare. Many have been found in tombs, and others were probably associated with events of religious or social significance. In any case, this type of jewel was reserved for members of the dominant class, while bronze was used by the rest of the population. Bracelets are among the most frequently-found type of object in the gold work of the Middle and Late Bronze Age.

This bracelet was produced by various methods of hammering and has a simple decoration of deep, chased grooves. The original was made with a gold alloy containing 16 % silver and 6% copper that was very characteristic of the period.

This object is interesting because of its ribboned section, the relief decoration and the prominent extremities.

New reference, new production

l. 1,4 cm - 20,7 g
W. 0.55" - 0.73 oz
Late Bronze Age III (9th-8th centuries BC)
France, Saint-Brieuc-des-Iffs (Ille-et-Vilaine)
Material of the original
Original in gold
Saint-Germain-en-Laye - Musée d'Archéologie nationale
Gold-plated, Sterling Silver 925
Art movement
National Antiquities