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Horus as a Falcon

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 Horus as a Falcon

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Horus as a Falcon

This figurine represents the god Horus in the form of a falcon wearing a pschent, the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, worn by pharaohs and certain gods.

An inscription is engraved on the base naming the god

Horus, Son of Isis, and Horus in the Marshes.

Horus also appears as a man with the head of a falcon. As a falcon, he is the great god of the sky, and his eyes are the sun and the moon. He is also the sun god, under the name of Re-Horakhty.

A very ancient god of Hierakopolis, worshipped since prehistoric times, he is the royal god and protector of the sovereign. Pharaoh is his representative on the throne of Egypt (one of the five names composing the royal title is, in fact, the "Name of Horus").

Horus is also the posthumous son of Osiris, brought up in the marshes of the Delta by his mother Isis, to protect him from the vengeance of his father's murderer.
However, he eventually vanquished the latter and took possession of his rightful heritage.

The base of this item has changed in fall 2018, the picture shows the new model, but it remains exceptionally possible that older versions are included in your order

Reproduction in hand patinated resin

H. 13,5 L. 4 P. 8 cm
Base : H. 2 L. 4 P. 8 cm
Egypt, Clot Bey Collection, purchased in 1852
Material of the original
Late Period, circa 1080-333 B.C
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Animals, Egypt, Mythology
Art movement
Egyptian Antiquities