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Goddess Bastet as a Cat known as Bastet with earrings

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Goddess Bastet as a Cat known as Bastet with earrings

ln Ancient Egypt, the goddess Bastet, represented as a female cat, was venerated at Bubastis, in the Delta.

ln reality, Bastet was a sweeter version of the goddess Sekhmet who every year left the land of Egypt in the form of a lioness, becoming the distant goddess, only to return during the rainy season appeased and transfigured in the form of a cat.

Bastet may be represented in two different ways:
- A young woman with the head of a cat, wearing a tight dress with geometrical motifs and carrying a small basket in one hand and a sistre in the other; she holds the shield under her breast.
- A female cat sitting on its backside, the tail to the ground and wrapped around the right paw, the ears straight up, decorated
with gold earrings; a scarab adorns the head.

Generally, domestic cats were often brought into Egyptian dwellings; they symbolized the presence of the divine star. Cats were considered as the family protector; after death, they would be mummified and often placed as ex-votos in the sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Bastet.

The base of this item has changed in fall 2018, the picture shows the new model, but it remains exceptionally possible that older versions are included in your order

Reproduction in hand patinated resin
Reproduction in bronze with patina

H. 15,7 L. 7 P. 10 cm (Resin)
H. 6.18" W. 2.76" D. 3.94" - 1.4 lbs
Base : H. 2 L. 7 P. 9 cm
H. 0.79" W. 2.76" D. 3.54"
Material of the original
7th or 6th century B.C.
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Animals, Egypt, Cats
Art movement
Egyptian Antiquities