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Pendant Ramses II

REF BP100107 EAN 3336728372738

 Pendant Ramses II

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Pendant Ramses II

This piece is an adaptation of the engraved inscriptions found on the two faces of a stone block preserved in the Cairo Museum and found in one of the foundation deposits of the "Ramesseum" or jubilee Temple of Ramses the Great.

One of the sides reads :
On the upper part, two gods, the left one holding the symbol of life ; the lower register bears the name "Rê gave birth to the Beloved of Amon".

On the reverse side : topped by the solar disk, his coronation name : "Powerful is the active force of the Sun, chosen one of Rê".
Foundation deposits go back very far in Antiquity. They correspond to the laying of the cornerstone of a public edifice in our day. The ceremony, however, was not the same, and during the Pharaonic era it was based on the new moon. It was at this moment that, by the study of the stars, the orientation of the temple was determined, the trenches were dug and the Pharaoh himself placed at the four corners bricks moulded with his own royal hands.

In the ditches that surrounded the sacred site -temple or tomb- as well as in holes under the sanctuary, obelisks or thresholds, were found remains of breads and cereals, vases, models of tools, amulets and unfired bricks.

2,8 x 1,1 cm
New Kingdom - 19th dynasty, 13th century BC
Adaptation of a foundation stone
Le Caire - Musée égyptien
Sterling Silver 925
Art movement
Egyptian Antiquities