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The Falcon Horus

REF RE000004 EAN 3336721121548

 The Falcon Horus

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The Falcon Horus

The undisputed master of the Egyptian sky, the peregrine falcon was considered to be a divine animal.

Several gods, mainly Horus, were represented in the form of a falcon or a hawk-headed man.
The bird, in this case, is portrayed standing still, in a deliberately simplified and massive shape. The eyes of the original statue are inlaid with flint and express the cruelty of a bird of prey.

The ancient Egyptians had elaborated a metaphysical system based on the eye of Horus, which symbolized universal fertility. The two eyes of the falcon-god were sometimes compared to the sun and the moon.

The base of this item has changed in fall 2018, the picture shows the new model, but it remains exceptionally possible that older versions are included in your order

Reproduction in hand patinated resin

H. 19 L. 7 P. 13 cm
H. 7.5" W. 2.75" D. 5.1" - 3.3 lbs
Egypt, Epoque sébennytique romaine
Material of the original
Polished black basalt
Circa 2nd century A.D., 30th dynasty (378-342)
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Animals, Egypt
Art movement
Egyptian Antiquities