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Priest in Prayer

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Priest in Prayer

Despite the great diversity in the forms of divinity, there is, in reality, only one purpose : it is to express the immense complexity of the creator. However, the Egyptian cult, which was celebrated in great mystery in numerous sanctuaries, shows a similarity in the rituals that clearly proves the identity of the forms of the demiurge.

Whether this sculpture is of a priest or a donor, the small worshipper in bronze reflects the fervour of the ancient Egyptians, "the most religious of all peoples".
His head is shaven, perhaps for ritual purity. He is wearing a simple skirt with a pleated front flap.

For the resin version, base change on September 1st: the next editions will have a black painted wooden base

For the bronze version: base removal on September 1st

Reproduction in hand patinated resin
Reproduction in bronze with patina

H. 8,5 cm (3,35"); W. 11 cm (4,33"); D. 4 cm (1,57") (Resin)
Base : H. 2 L. 6 P. 4 cm
H. 10 cm (3,93"); W. 11 cm (4,33"); D. 4 (1,57") cm (Bronze)
Base : H. 2 L. 3 P. 4 cm
Material of the original
Circa 1000 B.C., 21st-25th dynasty - New kingdom, Ramessid period
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Egypt, Religion
Bronze, Resin
Art movement
Egyptian Antiquities