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Afghan heart pendant

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 Afghan heart pendant

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Afghan heart pendant

The Turkomans, a nomadic people, kept part of their wealth in the form of silver jewellery, which was an important part of the dowry of women. On their wedding day, they sometimes wore as much as seventeen kilos of jewellery.

Specialised jewellers, who worked in their yurts, made these pieces of jewellery from silver coins.

Although the style of the jewellery varied slightly between one group of Turkomans and another, they were always made in solid silver and inlaid with red carnelians imported from India.

4,2 x 3 cm
First half of the 19th century
Asyk Tekke - Central Asia
Material of the original
Original in beaten silver and partial fire gilding, with carnelians and turquoises
Paris - Musée des Arts asiatiques–Guimet
Brass, Resin
Art movements
Asiatic art, 19th century