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Head of Tutankhamen

REF RE000115 EAN 3336727444207

 Head of Tutankhamen

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Head of Tutankhamen

This beautiful head wears a large wig that leaves the ears uncovered and bears on the forehead the erect cobra "uraeus" decoration.

The back part of the head has been mutilated. However, the well-conserved face with its soft modelling and well-drawn features is of great elegance.

Based on the style, it may be attributed to reign of Tutankhamen.

Base change on September 1st : the next editions will have an black painted wooden base

Reproduction in hand patinated resin

H. 19 L. 14 P. 10 cm
H. 7.48" W. 5.51" D. 3.94" - 3.3 lbs
Head Fragment Belonging to a statue of a Couple Tutankhamen accompanying a Divinity
Material of the original
Grey granit
New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty
Bordeaux - Musée d’Aquitaine
Queens and kings, Egypt
Art movement
Egyptian Antiquities