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Head of Osiris

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 Head of Osiris

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Head of Osiris

This magnificent face reflecting both great charm and quiet serenity fully agrees with the revival of art that took place in Egypt during the 26th Dynasty, a period called "saïs" from the name of the new capital at Saïs in the Delta, or even neomemphite as the sculptors searched for inspiration in the art of Memphite workshops from the epoque of the pyramids. However, this occurred during the 7th century B.C., shortly before the spread of Hellenic representational elements on statuary facial forms and expressions.

This physiognomy is treated with combined styles : its bright facial expression, characteristic of the period, retains archaic devices such as the "kohl-lined eyes" from royal statuary of the Classical period. One hesitates to recognize in this portrait of the time of Psammetic the image of the sovereign himself : here, one could be in the presence of the head belonging to a statue of the god Osiris, adorned with a headdress similar to the one worn by the king of Upper Egypt, the mitre - ornamented above the forehead with a rising cobra -, but the features would obviously recall those of the living pharaoh.

Reproduction in hand patinated resin

H. 39 L. 16 P. 19 cm - 4.8 kg (10.6 lbs)
Egypt, Donation Edouard André
Material of the original
Green Schist
Circa 650-600 B.C., beginning of 26th dynasty
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Mythology, Queens and kings
Art movement
Egyptian Antiquities