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Discus Thrower

REF ZB002007 EAN 3336727450796

 Discus Thrower

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Discus Thrower

The original work, in bronze, was made by the Greek sculptor Myron between 460 and 450 BC. Various Roman copies of the athletic figure reveal the artist's ability to portray the human body in motion and to record the stages of throwing a discus.

There are several copies of the Diskobolus of Myron; one, known as the Lancelotti Discobolos, is in the Museo Nazionale Romano delle Terme, Rome.
Apart from its beauty, the statue is interesting because it is typical of a transitional period in art. Past conventions coexist with the more natural forms of the following period. The statue is not yet fully three dimensional.

It combines two viewpoints: the face and chest are presented frontally, while the legs are in profile, in a still archaic distortion; but there is a sense of motion and the kouros' happy smile has given way to unruffled calm.

Base removal on September 1st

Reproduction in bronze with patina

H. 32,5 cm (12,80"); W. 17 cm (6,69"); D. 9 cm (3,54") / 4 kg
Material of the original
First half of the 5th century BC.
Rome - Musée du Vatican
Art movement
Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities