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Cloisonné ring

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Cloisonné ring

This ring dating back to the middle of the 3rd millennium is a fine example of cloisonné work, a process that was highly appreciated because of its colourful effect. The inlays of lapis-lazuli and carnelian form an attractive decorative frieze with an alteration of tour-petal roses, helicoidally crosses and kidney-shaped motifs. The edges of the ring stand out more, with stones forming a pattern of curved chevrons interlocked into each other.

This technique requires great skill on the part of silversmiths, the cloisons or partitions being fixed by a simple heat treatment without any soldering.

Width 2,20 cm
Circa 2500 B.C.
Material of the original
Original in gold, lapis-lazuli and carnelian
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Brass, Resin
Art movement
Oriental Antiquities