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"Archer" ring

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"Archer" ring

This jade ring is ornamented with a decoration of inset gold threads with precious stones in a bezel setting. The stones have been carefully polished to remove rough edges. This type of setting is characteristic of the work of Ottoman gold and silversmiths, although it was also practiced in Moghul India.

The oblong form of the ring informs us about its function. In order to protect their thumbs from abrasion by their bowstrings, archers wore similar rings. The external, polished part offers the necessary protective surface.

However, not all of these rings were intended to be practical; some of them were merely ornamental. They formed part of ceremonial dress and marked the social rank of their owners. Portraits of sultans often show them on horseback and wearing similar rings.

w. 1,27 cm
Archer ring, Turkey, second half of the 16th century
Material of the original
jade inlaid gold thread, emeralds and rubies
Opening of new areas of the Department of Islamic Art - Louvre Museum - September 2012
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Gold-plated, Resin, Rhinestone
Art movements
16th century, Islamic art
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