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Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle: A mon seul désir (40 p.)

REF CJ900040 EAN 3336728510918

 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle: A mon seul désir (40 p.)

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Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle: A mon seul désir (40 p.)

The Lady and the Unicorn (French: La Dame à la licorne) is the modern title given to a series of six tapestries woven in Flanders of wool and silk, from designs ("cartoons") drawn in Paris in the late fifteenth century. The suite, on display in the Musée du Moyen-Âge, is often considered one of the greatest works of art of the Middle Ages in Europe.

Five of the tapestries are commonly interpreted as depicting the five senses - taste, hearing, sight, smell, and touch. The sixth displays the words "À mon seul désir". The tapestry's meaning is obscure, but has been interpreted as representing love or understanding. Each of the six tapestries depicts a noble lady with the unicorn on her left and a lion on her right; some include a monkey in the scene. The pennants, as well as the armor of the Unicorn and Lion in the tapestry bear the arms of the sponsor, Jean Le Viste, a powerful nobleman in the court of King Charles VII.

The tapestries are created in the style of mille-fleurs (meaning: "thousand flowers").

  • The puzzle features no two pieces the same, no corner shapes and straight edges in the middle pieces for an irresistible challenge that will tantalize you.
  • Many of the pieces are shaped to reflect the theme of the image. These unique "whimsy" pieces are guaranteed to entertain and delight you.
  • This wooden puzzle is a traditional British classic with a moden twist, inspired by yesterday, but created for today.
Number of pieces
Size of the puzzle
12,5 x 8,5 cm
Cardboard box 9,5 x 8,5 cm
Material of the original
Tapestry A mon seul désir, wool and silk (between 1484 and 1500)
Paris - Musée du Moyen Âge - Thermes et Hôtel de Cluny
The Lady and the Unicorn, Tapestry
Art movement
Medieval art