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Fine Arts Museum, Palais Longchamp

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Fine Arts Museum, Palais Longchamp


Palais Longchamp has regained its elegant and spacious volumes; thanks to the complete renovation of the painted and sculpted décors as well as the original glass roofing, it is once again magnificently adapted to displaying the collections.

This guide offers a panorama of European art from the Renaissance to the close of the 19th  century. It will lead readers into the world of Classical and Neoclassical French art with remarkable works by Philippe de Champaigne, Joseph Vernet, Hubert Robert as well as Girodet.
Then from Romanticism to Realism with an exceptional ensemble by leading artists of that period: Ingres, Courbet, Millet, Daubigny, Daumier.
A chapter specifically addresses art in Provence and the Marseilles School, with Emile Loubon's vibrant and luminous landscapes as well as those of Paul Guigou and Félix Ziem.

A large section on Italian Renaissance and Baroque painting confirms the dazzling originality of that period. It is followed by a wonderful group of equally admirable pieces from the Northern Schools. A number of pages are devoted to sculpture, offering an overview of the collection from Puget to Rodin.

The grand finale is made up of some of the most beautiful works on paper from the graphic arts department including a marvellous ink and wash piece by Goya - only recently discovered - and an amazing drawing by Daumier, a child of Marseilles.

Thanks to a carefully designed itinerary, the Marseilles Beaux-Arts Museum initiates a dialogue between art forms while offering a moment of intimacy with many historical masters.

Christine Poullain
Director of the Marseilles Museums

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