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Berber women of Morocco

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Berber women of Morocco
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The Berber (Amazigh) identity developed thousands of years ago on a vast territory that stretches from Morocco's Atlantic coast to the borders of the eastern Maghreb. Over the millennia it has proven as remarkably resilient to cultural mixing with other Mediterranean civilizations as to various conquests.

Throughout history, women have been the guardians of traditions and language, ensuring the preservation of the tribes' cultural heritage. Transmission has been guaranteed by many symbols that can be found in weaving (the exclusive province of Berber women), jewelry, wickerwork, pottery, tattoos, and henna body painting.

An invitation to travel into the heart of Morocco and Berber culture, this book presents the most beautiful objects-carpets, capes, woven belts, necklaces of amber and coral, silver fibulae-predominantly from the sumptuous collection of the Jardin Majorelle's Musée Berbère in Marrakech. Together with stunning archival photographs and Titouan Lamazou's drawings, it is a tribute to the women who have never ceased transmitting the Berber culture's singular identity.

22 x 28 cm
Number of pages
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Hard cover
Publication date
19 March 2014
Paris - Réunion des musées nationaux- Grand Palais
Art & traditions, Civilizations, History
English, French