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Lee Ufan Versailles

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 Lee Ufan Versailles

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Lee Ufan Versailles

In the Château and gardens of Versailles, Lee Ufan's intense and silent sculptural forms have been installed at the foot of the Gabriel Staircase, in the majestic perspective designed by Le Nôtre, and along the paths and in the groves, temporarily complementing and transforming the atmosphere of these places.

Born in 1936 in South Korea, Lee Ufan was initially raised in Far Eastern traditions. He settled in Japan when he was twenty years old, studiying philosophy while also discovering abstract Western painting. He bacame one of the protagonists of the artistic movement called Mono-ha, a term that can be translated as "School of Things". His artistic approach adheres both to sculpture's most contemporary issues, while also being deeply rooted in traditions.

Lee Ufan's sculptures most often instigate a confrontation between two materials: steel plates and natural stones. They all bear the generic term "Relatum", expressing that the work of art is not an independent and autonomous entity, but that it exists in relation with the exterior world. These works transcend their cultural origins. They transmit their formal force and their philosophical insightfulness to the spectator, prompting meditation.

Lee Ufan lives in Kamakura, Japan, but maintains close relations with France, where he has worked for more than twenty years in his Parisian studio. He has exhibited in numerous cultural institutions around the world, and a museum devoted to his work, conceived by Lee Ufan in collaboration with architect Tadao Ando, was opened in 2010 on Naoshima Island in Japan.

24,5 x 29
Number of pages
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Publication date
June 2014
Alfred Pacquement, curator of the "Lee Ufan Versailles" exhibition
Paris - Réunion des musées nationaux- Grand Palais, Versailles - Musée des châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon
Abstraction, Forms, Art installations
Art movement
Modern & Contemporary Art
Bilingual: English-French